Pay Your Bill

An open house will be held in our lobby on Monday, October 3, through Friday, October 7, from 8 am to 4 pm.  Each household will receive a gift of an LED bulb, and be offered a reward for signing up for either Payment Service Network or Auto Bank Pay. 

Prize sign up will be available all week.  This year's prizes provide a new innovative outlet cover night light.   Several sets of 2 Snap Power lights will be awarded to lucky recipients!

Utility crews will perform fire flow testing by flushing water hydrants throughout the city.  It will be an ongoing process throughout the next several weeks.

While flushing is underway, customers may notice large amounts of water in the streets, a temporary drop in water pressure, or water that is discolored or cloudy. The discoloration of water is caused by the presence of naturally occurring sediment and does not create a health concern. If you notice sediment in the water from house faucets during the period of flushing, we recommend that you turn off the inside faucet, then allow water to run from an outside hose bib or the cold water tap of the bathtub until the water runs clear. Please use caution to avoid using refrigerator door water lines or ice makers until water has cleared.