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Utility Scam alert

It has been brought to our attention that customers have received calls from “Waupun Utilities” stating that their account is past due. We want our customers to be aware and vigilant as scams are more prevalent during this time. Waupun Utilities customer services staff has and will continue to work on reaching out to customers. Customers who have fallen behind will receive a personal phone call as a way to be proactive in making plans for a payment arrangement or recommending resources for those in need of assistance during these difficult times.
Please be aware that persons requesting payment to be made over the phone, by wire, or money grams to avoid disconnection... is a scam. Waupun Utilities does not accept payment over the phone and we do not make personal calls outside of our normal business hours of Monday – Friday from 8 am – 4 pm. If ever in question, hang up the phone. To verify our phone number, you may go to or click the Call Now button on our page.

If you have any questions in regards to your account balance, a scheduled automatic payment, or anything else that we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to call us. We are here for you!

How to Get Started

EV Man Charging CarMaking the switch to an electric vehicle is easier than ever.

Discover which type of EV will best fit your needs

Research your options and find the car that has the range you will need for your commute. Then, find out what kind of charger that car needs.

Determine your charging level needs

There are two levels of home charging available today. It is important to note that charging time is dependent on many factors including charging level, battery capacity, range driven, and more.

Level 1 (120v) utilizes the common outlet found in your home. Level 1 is a slow, steady charge. In general, 40 miles of range per day is the threshold for practical overnight charging. Every EV comes equipped with a manufacturer provided 120v charging cord. Simply drive your car home and plug into your garage.

Level 2 (240v) utilizes another commonly found outlet in your home, the same used for an electric dryer, and allows you to charge your vehicle in a shorter amount of time.

Check your electrical panel

Ensure you have room on your existing home electric service to put in a 240v Level 2 charging station. Now is a good time to find a qualified electrician that can help you install your charging station.

Knowing when to charge is just as important as how to charge your EV

We have great rates for electric vehicle owners. Find out if you would benefit from switching to a time-of-use rate so you can take advantage of charging during cheaper off peak times of day (nights and weekends) saving you money.

Contact your local dealership to find and test-drive your perfect EV

Enjoy your new electric vehicle and plug in at home!