The Power of Community

Providing Waupun with Reliable, Responsible Power

Waupun Utilities has been providing reliable, responsible power to Waupun for 123 years. This summer is no exception.

As the community’s locally owned utility, we work with our wholesale power supplier WPPI Energy to meet the electric needs of the homes and businesses we serve. We have sufficient resources in place to meet our customers’ local needs, as well as a robust response plan in place should a regional grid emergency arise.

Sufficient power resources

Waupun Utilities, along with WPPI Energy, is part of the regional grid operated by the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO). MISO recently announced the potential for a shortfall in its total electric generating capacity outside of normal conditions, which could lead to “emergency events” during summer peak hours. However, given the size of the shortfall – which is 1% – the increased risk is slight.

Emergency preparation

It is important to be aware that MISO capacity emergencies may happen from time to time, but rarely do they signal a grid crisis.

If events did lead to an emergency, the utility would work with WPPI and MISO to quickly address it. The organizations maintain robust emergency plans on which they conduct drills regularly, and we are confident in the procedures in place for this purpose. These detailed plans include many steps to add support for the grid before something like a “controlled outage” would occur.

Resident preparation

Residents are encouraged to always have supplies ready in case emergency situations arise. Severe weather in our area could lead to tornadoes, heat emergencies, and blizzards. Recommended items include things like flashlights, extra water, nonperishable food, and a first aid kit.

Rest assured

Waupun Utilities has sufficient power resources to meet our customers' needs. Should regional shortages lead to a grid emergency, we have a robust response plan in place. For information on how to save on energy this summer, click here.