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Waste Water Treatment Plant ABNR Update

Waupun’s wastewater treatment facility upgrade currently under construction will utilize an Advanced Biological Nutrient Recovery (ABNR) system which is a biological wastewater treatment solution that uses algae to consume overabundant nutrients and achieve ultra-low nutrient levels mandated by the WDNR. The nutrients targeted for recovery are primarily phosphorus, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide as they are detrimental to watersheds. The ABNR system utilizes four phases: 1) Mix phase (labeled #1 in the center of the picture above), 2) Recovery phase (label #2 to the left) uses a greenhouse system to produce algae from nutrients in the wastewater, and 3) & 4) Separate and Harvest building (label #3 & #4 at the bottom of the photo) processes the algae to a finished byproduct to be sold as a raw material that can be used in manufactured goods. Label #5 at the top of the photo is a new biosolids storage building used to house a nutrient-rich organic byproduct from Waupun’s traditional wastewater treatment process.


Photo Credit: Steve Biever